Company History

Our First Office: The American Center, Paris

The Origins

The idea of creating MBA Center was born in 1996, when Dr Hubert Silly failed to secure his financing for an MBA after he got accepted at Columbia and Wharton. This setback led him to create a place where students could get orientation and counseling, test preparation, admission consulting and financial aid and where schools could also regularly visit students. Since then, MBA Center has remained in line with Hubert’s vision, working for the benefit of students worldwide.


MBA Center was originally hosted by the American Center, a cultural center created to promote American culture in France. When Hubert left France for the US to continue his studies, MBA Center also moved to America. There Hubert taught not only the TOEFL and the GMAT, but also the SAT, the GRE, the MCAT and the LSAT. The idea, in the US, was to offer a comprehensive package whereby high school and undergrad students could prepare for the various tests. For four years, MBA Center was ensconced within the prestigious building of Harvard JFK, becoming quite successful in Boston during the time.


Fast Development

Back in Europe, MBA Center developed quite fast with various openings in London, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. This development was possible thanks to the support of major private and public players such as The Universite Libre de Bruxelles, LSI, International House, Berlitz, Inlingua and Wall Street Institute. At the same time, in order to secure faster development, MBA Center started to standardize its process and developed its own publishing house to produce the books and software that its network needed.


Hubert Silly understood pretty early on that in addition to test preparation, there was a real need for students to connect with business schools. To facilitate this, he created MBA Events which was successful in organizing up-to 50 MBA fairs per year. MBA Events was later sold to Studyrama. Later on in 2004, Hubert conceptualized another project more in line with the MBA Center approach (the one-on-ones) with Christophe Coutat, who was his GMAT student at that time. Access MBA made its presence felt in Western, Central and Eastern Europe while also rapidly developing outside Europe, in Asia, North and South America and Africa.

The “Apex”

MBA Center was at its peak in 2009, when it had about 20 centers all over Europe, was running Access MBA with about 100 events globally and was collaborating with about 20 other publishers in Europe, US, North America and Asia.


Our Best Office: Harvard JFK, Cambridge, USA

A new beginning?

MBA Center has worked to revamp its business model and is now developing as an organization offering services to GMAT Gurus and Test Prep Centers. As such we focus on three services:

  1. Admission Consulting: guiding students through the entire admission process, right from test preparation to helping the students select the best course and college and guiding them through the preparation till the interviews
  1. Publishing: books, software, e-learning platform
  1. Direct relationship with schools: facilitating a center to promote direct interactions between schools and students
    Global HQ: Columbus, Ohio, USA
We are very proud to see that the company is keeping up with its founder’s vision of promoting elite business schools and excellence in quality education.