• Why should I choose MBA Center?

Founded in 1996, MBA Center was the first admissions consulting center in Europe and is today one of the leading agencies in successful admissions in the world.  Founded by Dr. Hubert Silly, a prolifically published expert in business school education, MBA Center leverages his decades’ long experience with a young and dynamic team of individuals which best responds to the market trends and needs. Each of our professionally trained staff guides our clients through the often difficult admissions processes of the world’s top schools.

  • Where are you located?

We are a UK-based company with a global team of consultants in the US, the UK, France, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, and India. As with any global company, we work in person and online via email, phone, and Skype.

  • How do I pay for the services?

To ensure that there is no hurdle in the process, we require full payment upfront. Payment may be done through credit card, debit card, bank transfers, and PayPal. Please refer to our website for specific details.

  • Does MBA Center offer any discounts?

MBA Center does not offer discounts for its services. As one of the most reasonably priced service providers in the market, with a proven track record of successful admissions to the world’s best schools, our quality coaching and advising has never been bargained, compromised or discounted.

  • What is the success rate at MBA Center?

Success rates are not necessarily accurate. However, to ensure transparency, a success chart is posted on our website. We actually do not believe in “success rates,” and after you read our views on the subject, we think you will no longer believe in them either.

  • If I seek your services, do you guarantee admission into the business school of my choice?

MBA Center cannot guarantee admission of any one applicant. That is simply impossible. However, we do guarantee the best, most honest and realistic appraisal of your application for a given pool of candidates and do our best to prepare you for admittance through personally elaborated coaching and writing, GMAT preparation, and case study preparation. Finally, we help each client through the entire application process to however many schools you wish to apply to maximize your chances for success.

  •  If I have a subpar GMAT score, can the MBA Center help me?

MBA Center works with GMAT experts and leading test prep centers which offer customized courses, group classes and subscriptions to e-learning platforms. Over the years, our network of GMAT experts has helped thousands of business school applicants get the score they need to be accepted to their target schools. Some finish with very high GMAT scores while others do have much lower scores. As coaches, teachers and consultants, we do as much as we can to help our clients persist in their pursuit of the school that they want. The GMAT is a difficult test and, as with most endeavours in life, persistence, practice and hard work are key. Finally, we have worked many varied backgrounds with success: young businessmen and businesswomen; older, seasoned professionals needing further training (often through EMBAs or doctoral programs); young college graduates; and scientists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Though GMAT scores are important, there are other ways to compensate for a subpar score, and we can help you define the best strategy for successful admissions.

  • How many people have you helped get into top business schools?

Since 2003, we have helped over 3,000 clients. We strive to manage around 500 b-school applicants per year by 2019-2020. Beyond that number, quality and personal attention are compromised.

  • Is working with an admission consultant unfair to those who cannot afford it?

We have worked with thousands of students over the years. As a socially responsible company, we also offer special packages to refugee students seeking admissions consulting. Furthermore, we admit that our consulting bears positive results and often for schools of extremely high calibre. We also publish literature at a small price to help students across the globe access our methods. If experience, preparation, professional advice and persistence constitute an unfair advantage in the admissions process, we can question what is fair in any serious endeavour.

  • What happens during the free consultation?

During the free consultation, you are at liberty to speak to one of our experts about anything you wish: your profile in relation to the profiles of the market, their prior work, your chances of success, etc. Our coaches are there to listen and help you best figure out your path forward. Our advice to you is to always take the time needed to think through what you want to do and what you want to talk about during your consultation. Ask the most pertinent questions for yourself.

  • Is there a limit to the number of schools I could apply to?

There is no limit, although most students apply to four or five to be on the safe side. Each student is different and we will discuss your choices for the best schools possible as per your aspirations.

  • How much time should a candidate spend on applications?

Honestly, this depends on a variety of factors. You need to take into account the deadline, your writing ability, your clarity on the subject and your other work commitments. We have worked with students who gave us one week to work things out (we do not recommend this as it is very taxing), and we have also worked with students who took time to flesh out their applications, trying to bring out their absolute best. In our experience, the more time you dedicate to the process, the better you application will be.

  • Can I choose my coach?

To ensure that you get the best experience, we take time to review your profile and fit you with the best possible consultant who will help you as per your needs. You can also choose the consultant you would like to help you which would depend upon their availability and workload. Each of them has the credentials and has been extensively trained to help you achieve your dream.

  • What is the highest number of students a consultant works with at a time.

Each consultant works with a maximum of 6 students. Thanks to this relatively low number, each of our students can be assured that at no time will your consultant be matched with more students than they can handle. We want our students to have the best possible experience and that means ensuring that they get the best care possible throughout the consulting process.