I hold a BSc in Marine Biology (System Ecology) from the University of Sterling. I’m passionate about the environment and always work towards things and processes that support the conservation of the environment. I enjoy writing and I have freelanced as an editor, content creator and manager, academic writer, website writer, etc. I enjoy teaching, too. Initially, when I applied at MBA Center for the job of an admission consultant, I was rejected as I did not have any job experience. To prove that I could be a worthy consultant I offered to write my own application for INSEAD, even though I did not want to do an MBA and I did not have the background for it. Dr. Hubert Silly accepted the challenge – that being that if I got into INSEAD, he would take me as a coach at MBA Center; if I were not accepted, there was nothing more to discuss. However, I did get accepted to INSEAD through to the interview.

The challenge was a learning point for me, as well. I got to know about the admission process and now I understand the do’s and don’ts of the system. I was trained some more by MBA Center as my application to INSEAD still had many flaws and, at MBA Center, we aim to be perfect. Today, I am in charge of high school students applying to the UCAS programmes, as being British I understand the system very well. My job is to manage the entire UCAS process: personal statements, letters of reference, etc. What I like about the job is that most of the students are non British (they come from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium) and they are not very familiar with the education system in the UK. I enjoy transferring my knowledge about my country to these students who are very passionate about studying there and sharing a bit of my passion for Britain and education.

Very recently, I met a Greek student who had no money to study in the UK and needed a scholarship. Unfortunately the student did not have very good grades. He wanted to study environmental ecology and work in the field of conservation and research. We worked together to write the best UCAS application and select a school that would give him a scholarship and loans and which was not too expensive. The student was accepted. This was a very fulfilling moment for me as a writer and coach as I had managed to help someone, (who reminded me a lot of myself) get a chance to fulfil his dream of studying at a great school while reinforcing my love for writing and consulting.